Monuments & Headstones

   Our staff has assisted a countless number of our families in selecting a monument for their loved ones in all corners of Kansas. When it comes to monuments, the possibilities are only bound by your imagination. Monuments can range from very simple, to very ornate and personal. Have something in mind? Bring in a drawing or an idea. Would you like to match an existing stone? We can match existing stones exactly. Need help acquiring a Veteran's stone? We can assist in filing the paperwork as well as installation. Don't know where to start? Designing a monument can be difficult. It is many times the final step in taking care of a loved one's affairs after they have passed. It's also a permanent place to memorialize their life. It's a big decision. Our staff will work with you during every step of the process, from design to installation, making sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Contact us to set up a design appointment today.

Why is having a place to visit so important?

   To remember and to be remembered are natural human needs.  A permanent memorial in a cemetery provides a focal point for remembrance and memorializing the deceased.  Throughout human history, memorialization of the dead has been a key component of almost every culture.  Psychologists say that remembrance practices, from the funeral or memorial service to permanent memorialization, serve an important emotional function for survivors by helping them bring closure and allowing the healing process to begin.  Providing a permanent resting place for the deceased is a dignified treatment for a loved one’s mortal remains, which fulfills the natural human desire for memorialization. A permanent memorial is also a place for future generations to visit and remember their heritage, and the loved ones that have come before them.